Kiowa was rescued from Bakersfield, California by a local rancher, after the rancher unintentionally hit Kiowa’s mother with a thresher. Kiowa was just a pup and had a fungal infection and an unwillingness to live when she arrived at LARC. As a young coyote, bottle-feedKiowa Babying Kiowa was an event. If she wasn’t biting the head off the plastic nipple, she was biting your hands or fingers as you tried to feed her. The story has long been written that wolves and coyotes are arch-enemies, but at LARC we find they are kindred spirits. Kiowa curls up like an accordion, wags her tail, and smiles when Huey or Wiley come down to spend the afternoon in the sun by her side. Kiowa’s special treat at LARC are piping hot sweet potatoes covered in boysenberries and grapes with a small portion of chicken on the side; she is a true¬†omnivore.




Kiowa Tough