Matthew Simmons, holding Sera Sera who loves to jump into his arms, works with the birds, wolfdogs, horses, and wildlife at LARC. Matthew says: “There’s something amazing about the animals at LARC and learning all of their stories. We love to see them come into their own and flourish.”

Matthew is also the Park Director of the L.A. facility known as “Serenity Park” (see which is a work therapy program for disabled veterans supported in part by the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Services Trust, Macerich Corporation, and the Mary Jo and Hank Greenberg Foundation.

Lorin Lindner, PhD, MPH, seen here with Rider the Wolfdog, is a clinical psychologist and public health educator using nature and alternative methods of healing.

Dr. Lindner was Clinical Director of New Directions for Homeless Veterans at the Greater Los Angeles VA Medical Center. There she began an inter-species recovery program that places rescued parrots in sanctuary where they are cared for by veterans undergoing rehabilitation from trauma. Each of them helps the other along the way. She has published on domestic violence, child abuse, and violence against animals. For over 20 years she has utilized eco- and animal-based therapy as part of her treatment protocol.