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All of our residents at LARC love to cool off in the afternoon, so many of our supporters choose to select either a metal water bathing troth, a wolf house, or to have a tree planted to provide some shade.

Metal Bathing Dish: These large, 100 gallon shallow tanks allow our residents to not only cool off their pads, but submerge themselves when the afternoon heat is too hot. These bathing dishes also make for great socialization in our large outdoor habitats. 

Suggested Donation: $250

Bath Dish


Wolf House: Our wolf houses are constructed of large pine logs and assembled by one of our veteran carpenters at LARC. The wolf houses also display a plaque from the donor/supporter and/or can include a custom phrase selected by the individual making the donation.

Suggested Donation: $500





Plant a Tree: At LARC, a living memory can be planted outside or inside one of the large habitats to provide shade for our residents when the outside heat is too hot. In this case, the plaque is placed on a stone next to the tree, and the tree will be cared for by one of our veteran caregivers to ensure it provides shade for years to come.

Pine Tree


Lockwood Animal Rescue Center is an IRS tax-exempt charity.
We appreciate your support for animals in need.

All donations are tax deductible.

Wish List

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