Alaska Rescue

Alaska Rescue pic

In 2011, we learned that 30 wolves and wolf-dogs were going to be destroyed by the State of Alaska. Horrified by the news, we were determined to stop this, and flew to Alaska in November of 2011. We met with the Special Prosecutor and the people who had been keeping these animals as part of a roadside attraction. The captive wolves were attached to 8-foot chains for their entire lives, fed once every few days, and not provided with adequate fresh drinking water. With a criminal case pending against the people running the roadside attraction, the animals were seized, and with no place to keep the wolves, the Assistant Attorney General was planning to kill the wolf-dogs. LARC stepped in, and it was agreed that LARC could take the 30 wolves and wolf-dogs back to our sanctuary in CA.

After two days of veterinary work, the wolves where transported to LARC’s sanctuary in December of 2011. As time has passed and with lots of love, most of these animals have largely recovered from their trauma living in Alaska, and now live happily in their forever home at our sanctuary.

Below are a few videos from the Alaska rescue.