Old Alaska Rescue

Save a Life! Sponsor a Wolfdog Today!

Lockwood Animal Rescue Center has just returned from our largest rescue ever. When we learned that 30 wolves and wolfdogs were going to be destroyed by the State of Alaska we flew there in November 2011 to meet with the Special Prosecutor and the people who have been keeping these animals as part of a roadside attraction (they have never been off their 8 – 10 foot chains their entire lives).Due to a criminal case against them, the animals were seized and in an effort to keep them alive everyone agreed that LARC can remove them from the state of Alaska and to our sanctuary.

LARC will provide permanent sanctuary to these wolves and wolfdogs, as we do to our 19 current residents. Some of these animals, who make a choice to do so, will participate in our Warriors and Wolves program which pairs veterans and wolves/wolfdogs in an eco-therapeutic partnership which has healing benefits for both species.

LARC borrowed this successful partnering of veterans and animals from our other sanctuary, Serenity Park Sanctuary, which utilizes parrots as “winged therapists” for disabled American veterans.

With 30 more mouths to feed we ask that you consider “adopting” one of these wolves by providing a monthly sponsorship for which you will receive photos of “your” wolf, annual calendars, and other special offers.

No more chains!

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