April 2013

LARC Newsletter: “The Howling Press”
April 2013
Saving Wolves ~ Healing Heroes
This Just In…  Land Purchase
LARC has been offered an incredible option by a large land owner in Southern California. This land owner has offered LARC a large parcel for “dimes on the dollar”.  

LARC invites all of our supporters to get in on this amazing opportunity.  LARC needs to raise $500,000.00 by June of 2013 and all donations earmarked for this purchase will be set aside towards our growth.  A few select large donors have been approached to support this capital campaign and LARC wants to thank them for their ongoing support as well. But we still need funding for this project and any amount no matter how small is appreciated from all our supporters.  Remember your donation is tax deductible and your name will be placed on the land purchase plaque…please contact us for more info.

LARC was waiting for a response on our exciting proposal before sending out the newsletter and we apologize for the April newsletter delay.  The details of this expansion are very exciting.

Holiday Fun
Egg Hunt at LARC
Hard boiled eggs were a big hit this year at LARC thanks to our participation in the nationwide Landfill Diversion Program which provides us with all the food for our carnivores – without having to kill any animals.  We placed eggs in each enclosure and did our best to hide them from the “woofers” without much success.  Their keen sense of smell and curiosity basically turned it onto an egg eating contest.
Celebration of Life
It is with a heavy heart that LARC says good-bye to Pat Derby of PAWS (www.pawsweb.org).  Pat and Ed are leaders in the animal movement and mentors to LARC.  If you want to see how to conduct animal housing and care at one of the best animal sanctuaries in North America you need to go no further than San Andreas, CA to “ARK2000” the brainchild of Pat and Ed.
LARC strives to be as great and with your help we will makes strides towards becoming the best wolf and wolfdog sanctuary in North America.  We would like to build a new enclosure in 2014 in Pat’s memory at LARC and like Pat we are planning to construct the best housing possible.
Sponsor a “Woofer”
The wolfdogs of LARC
Article ImageLARC would like to invite all of our readers to sponsor a wolfdog in 2013.  The sponsorship includes a photo of the animal you are sponsoring, a wristband, and a thank you letter from both LARC and your “woofer.”
The sponsorship provides increased enrichment for the woofer like: a bed made of fire-hose, extra bones for chewing, bathing pools for the hot summer months, extra treats like sweet potatoes and berries with the raw diet, and bowling balls (a favorite almost indestructible chew toy) for your sponsored woofer at LARC.
Spreading the WORD
Article Image
LARC wants to raise public awareness and fight the plight of wolves. A great conversation piece is a wristband with our logo on it.  We offer bracelets that say:
  • “I love the Big Bad Wolf”
  • “Wolves not Cows”
  • “Warriors and Wolves”
  • “Saving Animals Veterans & the Environment”
Buy them here on our website and help spread the word!
Association for Parrot C.A.R.E.
Parrot Therapy
Article ImageAt Serenity Park located in Los Angeles on the grounds of the VA hospital, Veterans are given the opportunity to work with the parrots as part of a “feathered therapy” work program.
Jeff (Veteran) with Tango (Giant Greenwing) have made leaps and strides in their relationship over the last month.  Tango now steps up for Jeff and has begun to interact with Jeff as a partner.  Jeff now knows the cues and is there for Tango when he wants to step up for a treat or to begin a game of “big-wing.”

Jeff has also made major strides in his development over the past month and the two (Tango and Jeff) seem to be on a path of healing together.  This is the “magic” of cross species emotional connection(s): that two separate beings can be brought together and grow from that interaction.  Tango had no way of knowing Jeff would be there for him and neither did Jeff but they both chose this time to grow with one another.  Through this coupled interaction they both have been able to build better relationships outside the sanctuary setting.
Keep the Wolves Protected Did It!
Over 250,000 Signatures to Save the Wolves!
“LANSING, Mich. – Keep Michigan Wolves Protected submitted 253,705 signatures to the Secretary of State’s office, that, when certified, will place any plans for a wolf hunting season on hold until Michigan voters decide the issue at the ballot box in November 2014. During a short 67-day period, the coalition far surpassed the 161,305 valid signatures needed to qualify for the ballot.
“The public response over the past few months has been tremendous, and it demonstrates that Michigan voters in every corner of the state oppose the pointless trophy hunting of wolves,” said Jill Fritz, director of Keep Michigan Wolves Protected. “Mounting a petition drive in the dead of winter and collecting a quarter of a million signatures in 67 days has been a monumental feat. We look forward to giving Michigan voters—not the politicians—the opportunity to decide whether to keep wolves protected or to allow sport hunting and trapping of these rare creatures just beginning to recover from the brink of extinction.”
Across the entire state, hundreds of thousands of Michiganders have spoken with their pens to tell legislators that they were wrong in approving a wolf hunting bill last December…”

Continue reading the story here.
Table of Contents
Let your Donation do the Howling
Stanley (left) a Navy Veteran and Roy (right) a Marine in Raineer’s enclosure after a day of cleaning in the habitat.  Raineer is camera shy and kept moving in and out of the shot.
Much like the “woofers” the Veterans at LARC appreciate sponsorship.  Your sponsorship of a Veteran provides items like: snake boots for the summer months, insect repellant, and new work-belts with special treat bags for our woofers.
Click Image to Donate to a Veteran
Donate Now to
the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center through the
Assn. for Parrot C.A.R.E.
our parent organization
Every month the expenses seem to increase to run the LARC sanctuary – whether it’s fuel bills, utilities or food…so every donation counts no matter how small.
Wolf Culture & Earth Day 
LARC was invited by a charter school to make a presentation to the students about wolf culture and Earth literacy.  This outreach and speaking to young minds is crucial to changing the status quo about wolves in modern society.  LARC hopes that these young minds will one day change the world and we are honored to attend the school and be part of the education process.  LARC wants to thank the “green committee” for the invitation and photos and quotes from the students will follow.
If you want us to visit your school or a school in the area please contact info@lockwoodarc.org to set up a visit.
LARC can offer a custom syllabus and an outline for our visit to your school in celebration of Earth Day or any day of the year.  Have a Happy Earth Day (April 22nd).
Visit to Patagonia
LARC is going to Reno, NV to visit the employees of Patagonia.  We want to thank Patagonia for their support throughout the year and the “woofers” and staff can’t wait for April 25th.
Photo Credits
LARC is very grateful to those talented people who help us with their art – their photos can be found in this e-newsletter and on our website:
Buzz Varley
Stanley McDonald
Natasha Woodall