sin_sin-2Cincin is a shining example yet again that you cannot judge a book by its cover. Although she looks very doggy, with long hair and a wide frame, Cincin is a dominant wolf-dog female. Cinny, as she is affectionately called, lives in one of the enclosures that abuts the main house, and she is afforded the opportunity to come inside. But more often than not, she chooses to lay outside in the snow or the rain rather than snuggling on the couch. Cincin was rescued in Long Beach in 2008 when a local animal rescue got involved with an illegal wolf-dog breeding operation and asked LARC to help. Although Cinny is a tough girl, she’s also a great mother, and when young animals come to LARC she is often asked to act as a surrogate parent and to care for them in their first few months at our sanctuary.