Dante was rescued from a dumpster outside a Premarin factory farm. Dante, one of the males born and of no use to the Premarin production plant, was unable to stand up and therefore could not be sold for meat to Japan and/or France. He along with some other stallions were pushed in a dumpster behind the facility. LARC was called to action, and with one of our partners in the area we were able to remove Dante from his steel can of death and nurse him back to health. Dante was transported to LARC where he found his forever home. Breeding operation in Premarin factory farms always breed the female with a larger male, so as to create more stress on her body, create larger offspring, and thereby produce more urine. Therefore, Dante is a huge Bay standing 18 hands. His traumatic event has never left him. Although he has healed, certain triggers still set him off. But both the Veterans and the staff work with him to overcome his fear of metal boxes and steel crates. Needless to say, loading him on a trailer for a veterinarian appointment can be an event. 

dante and lorin in the cold