Ebony is the half-sister of Sampson and it is amazing how similar the two of them are. They both rear up like horses when they get excited and they both love to eat! While that may not come as a surprise when it comes to wolves, it is the way they gobble down their food that gives the term “wolf it down” real meaning around LARC. Ebony, if you check LARC’s video log, was one of the wolves/high-content Ebony 2wolf-dogs in Alaska that chose to hide in a den next to the steel pipe that bound her to the frozen ground. It took three staff members to lower Matthew Simmons on his belly into the den to grab her and turn her around so that we could pull her out and transport her to a local vet hospital for her spay and other medical procedures. Ebony is a constant reminder that we can all heal. In Alaska, she lived on a six-foot chain buried in a hole. At LARC, she runs to the fence line to meet new people, and like her partner Bronco Billy, LOVES a belly rub.