huey-2Huey was found wandering the streets of Houston, Texas. Huey, like many of the animals at LARC, taught us a valuable wolf vs. dog lesson. Huey as a young pup looked like a smoky black German Shepherd, and he grew into an extra-large timber colored wolf-dog. The lesson we learned was pretty simple: dogs with spots grow up to be dogs with spots. But wolves or high-content wolf-dogs hardly ever grow up to look like they did when they were pups. I guess the underlying message is: nature has a way of hiding itself. Huey’s nickname at LARC is The Walrus because he bristles out his muzzle hairs like the mustache on a bull seal and howls with a bellowing, deep tone like that of a braying seal. Huey lives with Cinny and is also afforded access to the house or the couch. Unlike Cinny, Huey loves the couch. The problem is, Huey is an Omega, and being an Omega, he submissive pees. Therefore, either we put plastic down on the couch before he comes in, or we acknowledge that the couch will be leaving with him.