LARC Founder Discuss Video of Wiley Crying at Family Members Grave 
Matt and Lorin speak with about an amazing video of Wiley that went viral. Learn the real story by watching the interview below or at

Wiley Cries Over Gladys
Wiley says goodbye to Gladys, a family member, and a supporter of LARC. She will be forever missed, especially by Wiley.

Alaska Wolfdog Rescue – IFAW
In this short video produced by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), Gail A’Brunzo talks about the process of relocating 29 wolfdogs from a substandard breeding facility in Alaska to a sanctuary over 3,000 miles away in Frazier Park, California.

Bob Barker’s Wolfdog Rescue – KTLA5
A tremendous thank you to Bob Barker for being a key factor in helping Lockwood pull off the Alaska Wolfdog Rescue. 29 Wolfdogs and the entire Lockwood Animal Rescue community give a high PAW to Bob!

Wild Animals Comfort Wounded Warriors – MSNBC

Frazier Park Shelter Rescues Wolfdogs – ABC


Wolfdogs’ Journey from Chains to Freedom – CNN


Lockwood Valley Wolfdog Sanctuary Gets 29 Animals from Alaska – VC Star