Cloud proved to be too much to handle, even for an LAPD detective. Her story is all too familiar. As a young pup, she was cute, and the LAPD detective thought she would make a great companion. After multiple escapes from the LAPD detectiveĆ­s yard, numerous complaints by neighbors, and the threat of a lawsuit, LARC was called in to solve Cloud’s problem. Don’t let her size fool you; although Cloud is a small high-content wolf-dog, she is an amazing climber and jumper. A special 12-foot enclosure was constructed to keep Cloud in her habitat. Cloud, like many of the almost-wolf female residents at LARC, lives her life to the beat of a different drummer. Cloud is not only smart but she is a gifted thinker, therefore her enclosure has multiple security areas and feed stations to ensure that the staff stays one step ahead of her.