March 2013

LARC Newsletter: “The Howling Press”
March 2013
Saving Wolves ~ Healing Heroes
St. Patrick’s Day Celebration 
In Honor of St. Patrick’s Day in the month of March the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center offers the following translation of “I Love the Big Bad Wolf” in Gaelic.
The Gaelic language is without a verb for love.  The closest word to love is “Tá grá” and the shortened version of wild dog is “faol”- finally ferocious or angry spirited is “mòr fiadhaich.”  So, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day the translation for “I Love the Big Bad Wolf” is Tá grá faol mòr fiadhaich (Gaelophiles please correct us if we’re mistaken).  The English version is available for a limited time on a power band (bracelet) from the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center (LARC) (see photo below).  You can help dispel the myth and take back the meaning of this mis-used terminology to describe the ancestors for all modern day domestic dogs.  Fairy tales and fables contain dangerous depictions of the (Big Bad) wolf which have led to their near-extermination and we are facing a second extermination if we don’t turn around these false images.  Let’s all say “We love the Big Bad Wolf” and he is not what you are being led to believe he is!
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Wolfdog of the Month
Huey (photos attached), short for Houston from whence he came (thanks to two great wolfdog rescuers) dispels a few more myths with his behavior at LARC.  LARC‘s “Wolfdog of the Month” draws you in with a soft stare as he looks deep into your soul.  He is one of the most compassionate and loving wolfdogs at LARC both with his partners in his 2 acre enclosure and all the animals he meets.  Huey has a way of gauging the situation and knowing whether he needs to be a father to new animals, an uncle who loves to play, or a dominant male to instill order in a confusing situation.  Huey is also a playful soul and March usually brings the most significant snowfall to LARC where he tunnels through the snow in his enclosure making his own igloos to lay in. 
Wolves not Cows (power band bracelet available as well) 
Many years ago there was a wonderful organization helping to protect wildlife called the Biodiversity Legal Foundation.  They had a bumper sticker stating: Wolves not Cows!  Most people didn’t quite get what that means….what do you think ?  Of course, our savvy wolf lovers know that by grazing livestock on public lands (at taxpayers’ expense) ranchers require “predator control” and government agencies have been developed to eliminate most top predators – otherwise, they argue, meat prices would skyrocket (of course being a vegetarian avoids the need to kill off our predators ;))  So, we say “Wolves NOT Cows” and now we have a wristband that makes a very strong statement – people will be curious as to what that means and it will give you a chance to talk about wolves!!   Wolves represent the epitome of the “wild” and by preserving them in all of their natural habitats throughout the lower 48 states we will be protecting what amounts to a national treasure.  Let meat prices skyrocket – maybe people will eat less of it and there will be less heart disease…and more wolves!!
New Online Payment System 
The Lockwood Animal Rescue Center (LARC) can now accept payments through the E-Tapestry BBS (Blackbaud Services) Payment System.  Basically PayPal charges a higher percentage for online transactions than the E-Tapestry BBS System so more of your donated dollar goes to support the animals and veterans of LARC by using this new system.  It looks and acts very similar to PayPal – and is just as secure – you can “click” on the link below to go directly to the new system.  In order to keep things simple we have placed the new button for donations above the “Paypal” button and it is marked “E-Tapestry BBS” donations.  All of the monthly supporters and current donors through PayPal will receive a personal email outlining the changes and asking them to switch to the new system.  However, if you feel comfortable with PayPal and do not want to change we totally understand…no worries. 
Yay for Hay! 
A big thank you to all of LARC’s treasured supporters who helped with our “hay drive” and all of the dens and doggie Igloos got plenty of straw for the winter.  Last March LARC saw 3 feet of snow on the first day of Spring – hey, happy vernal equinox!!!
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Luck of the Irish… 
Thanks to one of our significant supporters LARC was able to hire Roy Keowen in early 2013 and we feel that we have struck “Gold.”  Roy now manages our website, inputs all donor information, handles email from the website, and assists with donor relations.  Once an MP for the Marines, Roy guards our data and ensures that we operate like a finely tuned machine.  The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is that Roy is always willing to pitch in and help out both in and out of the office.  We are highlighting him this month to send him a big “HOO-RAH!”
I Give (Warriors and Wolves)
LARC’s Warriors and Wolves program, would like our supporters to use the IGive website when making purchases.  Just downloading the “Igive” app will donate $5.00 to LARC.  All purchases through the Igive site donate a percentage to LARC without any extra cost to you.  Most merchants and companies are listed with Igive.  It is an easy way to raise some needed funds for LARC simply by doing your regular shopping.  
Please visit them:
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E-Tapestry BBS Online Payments
Every month the expenses seem to increase to run the LARC sanctuary – whether it’s fuel bills, utilities or food…so every donation counts no matter how small.  
Photo Credits
LARC is very grateful to those talented people who help us with their art – their photos can be found in this e-newsletter and on our website:
Natasha Woodall
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