Matthew Simmons, Navy Veteran and a long time volunteer of Serenity Park, took on a advisory role in 2008 at Serenity Park while helping to begin the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center. Matthew was one of the creators of the Warriors and Wolves program and is currently both a director, fundraiser, and a facility caregiver at LARC. Matthew understands that there isn’t a cure for PTSD, survivors guilt, and many combat related injured, but over the years he has come to realize that working with the animals at Serenity Park and LARC can make all the different in a veteran’s life. The Warriors and Wolves program is a coupling of combat veterans, wolves, and wolf dogs, and it is a demonstration of the unspoken communication and bond between sentient beings. To all the Veterans out there, Matthew would like to say that at LARC, we have a map, and that map can bring you home. Please contact us via the website, Facebook, or our other social media channels. We will do anything we can to help a Veteran in need.