May 2013

LARC Newsletter: “The Howling Press”
May 2013
Saving Wolves ~ Healing Heroes
Huge Howling Event Save the Date July 27, 2013 
 The Lockwood Animal Rescue Center (LARC) and the Association for Parrot C.A.R.E. would like to invite all of our supporters to Bergamot Station in Santa Monica for a night of great food, wine and music to honor Mr. Bob Barker and his lifetime of commitment and generosity towards animals.  This is not your normal fund raising event!  LARC will provide a delicious catered dinner, homemade “White Wolf” wine, fantastic desserts, incredible musical entertainment, celebrities, and a short film for this night of celebration and gratitude.  We will have staff to talk about all the exciting plans for 2013 but we won’t ask for anyone to buy silent auction items or trinkets.  This is a celebration for Bob Barker and all of our supporters that make LARC one of the best rescue facilities in California.  So save the date, Saturday July 27, 2013 from 6- 9pm.  Attendance will be limited. Click HERE to Register.
Mothers’ Day 
A wolf pack is neither matriarchal nor patriarchal.  The sex of the animal does not determine dominance in other words just because you are a male that does not make you dominant or vice versa.  In a wolf pack both the Alpha (dominant) male and dominant (Alpha) female share the duties and responsibility of managing the family dynamic.  However, at LARC we have noticed that the females take a stronger role in the pack dynamic and that the males are less social with the other members of the pack.  The Alpha female will greet all the members of the pack and break up any skirmishes with a simple yelp or howl.  And in our habitats where the pack only has a male and a female the female dictates interaction with us humans…when she approaches the male will come to greet as well and when she decides to stay away the male remains at her side.
On this Mothers’ Day LARC wants to wish all of the “Momma” wolves out there a happy day of celebration and the recognition that we know that the world is a much better place with you in it (and would be even better if you ran it ;))).
To be the best possible Mother (and Father) we can be for our companion animals please spay or neuter them.
Armed Forces Day (May 18th) Memorial Day (May 27th) 
The wounded heroes who have served our nation deserve special recognition in May on both Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day.  So we are having an outdoor event at Serenity Park Sanctuary on the grounds of the VA Hospital in West LA (see map) for our service people.  Serenity Park will provide food and drinks to the Veterans and the opportunity to meet the parrots at Serenity Park.  This event would not be possible without the support of Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust (DAV), Friends of the Garden and a recent grant from Wells Fargo Capital Finance and Friends of the Garden.  DAV has supported our efforts at Serenity Park Sanctuary for the last five years and Bruce Rosen formerly of Friends of the Garden (a non-profit in support of a Veteran work program at the VA) currently supports the Veterans through the Food Bank in Santa Monica.  If you are a Veteran and want to attend or have a family member who might want to attend this celebration please register by clicking HERE to Register.
Sponsor a “Woofer” 
The wolfdogs of LARC
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A day in the life of a Wolfdog at LARC can be enriched by you – our supporter. 
LARC wants to plant native pllants along the west side fence line for shade in years to come.  The seedlings are $50.00 for 10 (planted of course) and for an additional $30.00 we can place a plaque with an inscription (no more than 25 words) on a stake next to the new additions.
The pine trees are native to the environment and will help support our eco-system while providing cover and shade for years to come.
Spreading the WORD 
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LARC wants to raise public awareness and fight the plight of wolves. A great conversation piece is a wristband with our logo on it.  We offer bracelets that say:
  • “I Love the Big Bad Wolf”
  • “Wolves not Cows”
  • “Warriors and Wolves”
  • “Saving Animals Veterans & the Environment”
Buy them here on our website and help spread the word!
Bad News… U.S. Plans to Drop Gray Wolves From Endangered List 
“Federal authorities intend to remove endangered species protections for all gray wolves in the Lower 48 states, carving out an a exception for a small pocket of about 75 Mexican wolves in the wild in Arizona and New Mexico, according to a draft document obtained by The Times.
The sweeping rule by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service would eliminate protection for wolves 18 years after the government reestablished the predators in the West, where they had been hunted to extinction. Their reintroduction was a success, with the population growing to the thousands…” 
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Patagonia Visit 
LARC visited Patagonia in Reno, NV last month and we are so grateful for their support of our program. They helped the wolves by holding a fund raiser at their facility and are committed to protecting these majectic creatures.  We want to make special mention of Kim Jardine for successfully planning this event two years in a row and we cannot wait to go back to Patagonia next year.
Land Purchase – Exciting News 
The Lockwood Animal Rescue Center (LARC) has been working hard with our supporters to purchase new land for the “woofers.”  We are  proud to announce that we are close to our goal and only need $175,000.00 to make this project a reality.  
All inquiries about the land purchase can be made to and we hope to be inviting all of our supporters to a ribbon cutting ceremony in 2013.
Donate Now to
the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center through the
Assn. for Parrot C.A.R.E.
our parent organization
Every month the expenses seem to increase to run the LARC sanctuary – whether it’s fuel bills, utilities or food…so every donation counts no matter how small.  
Bad News..Michigan Wolves 
LANSING — Gov. Rick Snyder told reporters today a bill he signed that paves the way for a Michigan gray wolf hunt is not about wolves — a claim critics say ignores the intent of the legislation.
“I didn’t sign a wolf bill recently,” Snyder told reporters in his Capitol office.
“I was signing a bill that dealt with sound scientific management principles for game and for fish.” … Continue Reading
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