San Diego Rescue

The Lockwood Animal Rescue Center (LARC) was called in by Animal Services to investigate an illegal wolf-dog breeding situation outside Jamul, California. Initially, it was reported that the property owner had 24 wolf-dogs of different ages that needed sanctuary.

Upon arrival, Matthew Simmons and members of the “Wolf Guard” team noticed 40 sets of eyes on the property and quickly realized there were a lot more animals than had been reported. Over the next two days, a plan was constructed to remove all 96 wolf-dogs from the private location to a local animal hospital where all the animals would be spayed, neutered, micro-chipped, and given medical attention. While at the hospital, animals would be classified as low, medium, mid, or high-content wolf-dogs. During this classification, we took extensive notes on behavior. Many of these animals were less than 20 weeks old and it very quickly became apparent than many of the animals were related to one another. LARC reached out to the wolf-dog rescue network to help find sanctuary space for the younger, less wolfy animals.

LARC found placement for 54 of the wolf-dogs, all very young, at different sanctuaries across southern California, and began transporting them to these locations. The older wolf-dogs with a higher wolf content were placed in secure part of the hospital and readied for the long trip to LARC. During this time, the Veteran staff back at LARC was putting the finishing touches on enclosures for the new arrivals. LARC’s Wolf Guard team then headed North with the 27 new residents in tow.

After arrival, LARC worked closely with our veterinarian and Wolf Guard team to pick the right pairs and packs to separate into the new enclosures to live out their forever lives.