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The Lockwood Animal Rescue Center (LARC) has long been a sanctuary for wolves who were shot in the wild and bred irresponsibly or illegally for captivity. At LARC these wolves are provided a place of healing to live out their lives. At the same time, LARC employs returning combat veterans to care for these wolves as part of a work therapy program that facilitates their recovery from wounds both physical, emotional, and spiritual. This innovative program is known as “Warriors and Wolves,” and both species, the wolf and the human, engage in mutually beneficial healing – as both species have undergone sometimes unbearable trauma.

With the de-listing of the wolf and unchecked hunting practices on the rise, wolf kills in the US has reached an untenable height. This has drawn LARC into action- direct action. The only way to change how the wolf is treated on public lands is by inserting our Warriors (returning combat Veterans) to monitor the wolf hunt and take action when required to protect this majestic creature. Hunters are baiting wolves outside national park boundaries, running wolves with hounds, and shooting wolves from trucks and hunt cabins along the wolf’s natural route outside the park and this must be stopped.

LARC inserts combat Veterans into the wilds of North America to document the atrocity, protect the wild wolf, and help put an end to the wolf hunt. The public is unaware of the tortured death these animals suffer since most of these atrocities occur in the dense forest away from prying eyes. LARC will bring the wolf’s pain to the public eye. It is time to protect the wolf where they live and with your support, LARC will continue sending our Veterans into the “wilds” of North America on a mission to guard the wolf. 

The Wolfguard Dream Team

Matt and ChompersTeam Director Matthew Simmons is also Co-founder of LARC and a decorated combat Veteran. Matthew will support the team both in the field on the first mission and then from the “Command Post” at LARC in California throughout the campaigns.

The Campaign

Wolfguard Focus:    Look for traps, track hounds, follow hunters, assist the wolf, and worse case videotape a wolf in a trap/being attacked by dogs/being shot by a hunter. All videos will be used to raise public awareness and pass legislation to end the wolf hunt.

Wolfguard Success to Date: Our first campaign in Montana was a huge success. An average of 45 wolves are murdered each year by hunters in the backwoods of Montana during hunting season. In 2016, with our Wolfguard team drawing attention away from the hunt, only 2 wolves were killed. Furthermore, our team captured hours of footage covering the hunt, discovering illegal traps, and documenting local hunters’ attempts to scare, intimidate, and harm the Wolfguard team. We plan to replicate the success of this first campaign in areas throughout the United States where the wolf is in danger, and our work will not stop until the wolf is no longer on the endangered species list and is safe from destruction by hunters who misunderstand the vital nature of the wolf in our ecosystem.


The Lockwood Animal Rescue Center (LARC) will always remain a sanctuary for wolves and Veterans, but the time has come for us to take direct action to stop the wolf hunts. With your support LARC plans to impact the wolf hunt by reducing the number of wolves killed, making hunting wolves an event no longer hidden from the public eye, and persuading the public to support legislation that ends the wolf hunt in the United States.

Wolfguard wolf