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Wolves and Warriors Comes to Animal Planet

Watch Animal Planet’s docu-series Wolves and Warriors on Animal Planet’s website or on Amazon Prime. The show features LARC founders Dr. Lorin Lindner and Matt Simmons and our veteran heroes who help care for the wolves and wolfdogs at our sanctuary and protect and rescue animals in danger across the country.

Wolves And Warriors | Sneak Peek

Calling all wolf lovers, this show is made for you! 🐺

Posted by Warriors and Wolves on Thursday, August 23, 2018


The first episode shares the story of the rescue of Sadira, a wolf, from a backyard in Oregon followed by her life-or-death medical procedure.

Matt shares some insight on this episode: “Wolves and high content wolfdogs don’t make good pets and often behave like wild or part-wild animals. This wild behavior often puts the wolf or wolfdog in jeopardy. LARC was called by two wolf advocates who had their hands full with Sadira and realized that she would be better served at LARC. The Wolfguard Team immediately jumped into action and made the drive to Sadira.”

In this episode, you will meet veterans Matt, Oak, Thompson, and Kyle. Get to know them and the rest of our team.


When a nearby animal sanctuary with over 400 animals is threatened by a California wildfire, the LARC team races into the flames to assist in the evacuation. A tumor is discovered on LARC's elder statemen, an almost 20 year old wolf named Blade.

Dr. Lorin shares a followup on the episode: “Thankfully, Blade’s tumor does not appear to be serious, and we hope to have him for a very long period to come. Lavannah is possibly more pleased than any of us to have her boy back. The fire that threatened the California sanctuary miraculously passed them by and all the animals are back home, safe and sound. The veterans figured out how to provide water to the spider monkey.”



EPISODE 3: the heart of a wolf

Matt and the veterans are called in when a neglected and aggressive wolfdog named Apache needs to be removed from the rough conditions of a suburban neighborhood home. Apache quickly finds comfort at LARC, and the love and companionship of a female wolf.

Often times when a wolfdog is taken from a difficult situation and brought to a sanctuary where there is a positive change in their environment, their behavior will also undergo a positive transformation.


EPISODE 4: wolf on the loose

Reports of a wolf on the loose in a small California town sends Matt and the veterans on a massive rescue operation to safely secure the wolf before trouble arises.

Thompson works with a coyote named Lichen to help him get through a period of turmoil. Lichen’s love is something that Thompson relates to completely and has helped him immensely. It is also Lichen who benefits from this endearing relationship.


EPISODE 5: Operation Wolfguard

The WolfGuard team heads to Montana on a three-month undercover mission to find and document illegal wolf poaching in the rough terrain of the Bitterroot Valley. The team builds a custom enclosure for two wolves who are bonded for life.

Learn more about WolfGuard’s mission to protect wolves in the wild from illegal trapping and poaching.

EPISODE 6: Wolves in the wild

Veteran Josh tries to muster up the courage to build a relationship with a newly rescued wolfdog named Apache. The team continues with Operation WolfGuard, even as they grow frustrated with the pace of progress on their anti-poaching mission.




Matt spearheads a round-the-clock mission to rescue an estimates 60 wolves from an alleged fur farm in Minnesota. The veterans use every tool at their disposal including an undercover sting and a federal lawsuit in hopes of rescuing the wolves.


EPISODE 8: protect the pack

Matt and the team head to Oklahoma on the trail of 26 wolves who were secretly transported from FurEver Wild to a zoo. As temperatures soar and the wolves face dangerous heat in their winter coats, the veterans must act fast to get them all out safely.