LARC comes to Animal Planet

Exciting News! Wolves and Warriors Season Premiere September 1st at 10 PM on Animal Planet


Our new docu-series about LARC's Warriors and Wolves program will premiere on Saturday, September 1 at 10PM on Animal Planet. Tune in to Wolves and Warriors on Saturdays this Fall for a new episode each week that chronicles our team of veterans as they protect wolves and wolfdogs across the country and at the LARC sanctuary.



Nala Gets Expert Care at New Veterinary Center 


When Nala got a pine needle stuck in her foot two weeks ago, we rushed her to a new center specializing in urgent care for animals. While in the wild if a wolf got a foreign object stuck in a paw, this could be a big problem because it could immobilize him or her and cause infection. Here at LARC, we didn't hesitate to bring Nala to our good friends who recently opened The Oaks Veterinary Urgent Care Center. They were so gentle and efficient and had the needle removed and her foot bandaged up in no time. Nala is home and now in one of our largest enclosures, running around with her pack-mate Rainier! Watch her run!

Birds of a Feather Coming to Audible


Birds of a Feather, by LARC co-founder Dr. Lorin Lindner, is coming soon to Audible! Her book tells the true story of how one parrot (then two, then three, then…. you get the picture!) changed her life and led her to open Serenity Park, a sanctuary for parrots that employed veterans suffering from PTSD and other traumas. 

“This true story will twist your heart like a sponge and renew your faith in the world."

-Lee Woodruff, 

New York Times Bestselling Author

Learn more about Birds of a Feather.

Photo by Diana Haskell

What is Premarin and Why are Horses Suffering?

LARC rescues more than just wolves and wolfdogs. As you may recall from previous newsletters LARC has three horses at our sanctuary that were rescued by a wonderful outfit that saves horses from Premarin facilities. 


Premarin is literally short for “Pregnant Mare Urine” and it is used to treat symptoms of menopause. In order to collect the urine that is used to make this medicine, mares are kept pregnant and catheterized for their entire lives. Tara was a downed mare, pregnant at the time she was rescued by one of our partner organizations and then brought to LARC. She was so emaciated at the time, you could see her rib cage poking through her skin. 

Tara and her little filly named Tie Dye came to LARC as soon as they were well enough to travel. Now, they spend their days grazing freely and being spoiled by our team who love to give them treats and behind-the-ear scritches.

Parrots Arrive at Serenity Park North!

The parrots from the West LA VA campus have made a smooth transition to Serenity Park North. When the truck doors were opened, all of the veterans here heard "hello sweetheart" as though the birds just went out for a ride in the car. 

The aviaries have gone up for the parrots along with automated misting systems and their indoor housing for the winter is almost complete. Check out this incredible aviary designed by Matthew for the birds to have a natural environment to play in.

If you have any questions about the move, don't hesitate to contact us at:

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