LARC's WolfGuard team protects wild wolves from illegal poaching

Love at LARC - Updates on Your Favorite Wolves as Seen on Animal Planet's Wolves and Warriors



It was love at first sight for Apache and Sadira! As soon as Apache arrived at LARC, the two were talking to each other and nuzzling through the fence. In a few days, they were sharing an enclosure, running and chasing each other around to their heart's content! They both also enjoy spending time with their caregivers, Dr. Lorin and Matt.



After Blade's recent surgery to have a malignant tumor removed from the top of his head, Lavannah has not let him out of her sight. We are happy to report that there are no signs of regrowth or additional tumors on Blade. Lavannah keeps him youthful and engaged, despite Blade's advancing age.



Lakomi and Massaw are still going strong and one of the sweetest love stories at LARC. Not only do they love each other, but Massaw is a glutton for petting from every veteran he meets. Just so you know, both are from New Hampshire and Lakomi is almost 12 while Massaw is almost 15. Wolfdog longevity is typically 15-20 years so we are hoping for many more years to come with these two love bugs:)

WolfGuard Steps into Action to Help End Illegal and Inhumane Poaching


Each year LARC's Operation WolfGuard goes to the wilds of Montana and Idaho to protect one of our national treasures: wolves. The area of focus for the WolfGuard team, made up of combat veterans, is one of those special places where wolves from North America come to breed and build new packs. The veterans of the WolfGuard team have found a new purpose and a unique way of serving their country by protecting this nation's apex citizens.

The WolfGuard Team works to end illegal poaching (e.g., baiting traps, using illegal snares and scenting) and advising the Department of Fish and Wildlife about the deadly and inhumane practices that are being conducted clandestinely. The Team's eyes are peeled and they are ready to act!

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New Eco-Habitat at LARC

With the incredible generosity of the people at Mystic Water Gardens and with a grant from some of the biggest wolf lovers we know, LARC and the wolves/wolfdogs are getting a custom-crafted waterfall and pond using recycled water.  Mystic Water Gardens is known for their extraordinary creations throughout Southern California and they reached out and offered LARC one of their exquisite water features because they love wolves. The new habitat will feature a pond and a waterfall for the animals to swim in, plus logs and huge rocks for them to climb on and explore.


Albert Makes Great Progress

Since appearing on the show, Albert has gone through many life-changing events. He is getting closer and closer to reunification with his family. As this is an emotionally turbulent time for him, he has been spending more time at LARC. The roots of this program go deep, and many of the veterans working at LARC support Albert as he grows closer to his family and realizes that some of his closest friends are veterans and wolves in the Wolves and Warriors program. The howls and yips of the residents at LARC help comfort him as he follows our road map home.


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Birds of a Feather is the true story of how Dr. Lorin began working with veterans suffering from trauma to the opening of the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center. Read the book to find out how Dr. Lorin and Matt Simmons met, how parrots changed both of their lives, and how they began to rescue wolves and wolfdogs.



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