WolfGuard saves 26 Minnesota wolves, plus big news for Serenity Park

WolfGuard to the Rescue in Minnesota


WolfGuard, our team of combat veterans that protects wolves and wolfdogs across North America, has been investigating a situation in Minnesota where we discovered wolves were being kept for use in a petting zoo where they were also selling their pelts and body parts. After nearly two years of investigation, LARC rescued 26 wolves and wolfdogs. We brought 21 of the animals to other wolf sanctuaries that we work closely with and the other five – Twiggy, Curious George, Little Girl, Texas Red and Big Boy – are now living with the pack at Lockwood Animal Rescue Center! Support Wolfguard.

We are currently have a lawsuit pending against the person responsible for this atrocity and will share more details when we can. Thanks to generous supporters like you and our fearless WolfGuard team, there are 26 beautiful creatures who will keep their fur coats for all their lives! 

Learn more about WolfGuard.

The Serenity Park Flock is Flying North


After 13 years on the VA campus in West Los Angeles, we must move our parrots to “Serenity Park North” at the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center. The VA will be using the land to build additional veteran housing services. Though we are sad to leave our beautiful green sanctuary, we are happy that more veterans will be housed. Also, we have always been prepared and are currently updating our aviary facility at Serenity Park North. We will continue to help veterans and parrots and all of the birds will stay together with their flock mates in their same aviaries, reassembled at LARC. Your support will ensure that this is a smooth transition. 

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Wolves and Warriors is Coming to Your Living Room!


We are very excited to share that our veterans, wolves, and wolfdogs are the stars of a new docu-series premiering on Animal Planet this fall! Get a behind-the-scenes look at the day-to-day life of rescuing and caring for the wolves and other animals in our sanctuary, and the WolfGuard team in action protecting wolves in the wild. Stay tuned for more information.

Birds of a Feather


“Dr. Lindner’s book reminds us of the extraordinary ways caring people are helping the men and women who have served our country...and animals along with them.”

-Maxine Waters, U.S. Representative

“An extraordinary story...Dr. Lorin Lindner's writing radiates with warmth and love for humans and animals alike.”

-Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, Ph.D., 

The New York Times Bestselling Author of When Elephants Weep

Dr. Lorin Lindner’s book Birds of a Feather is out now! In the book, Dr. Lindner shares the inspiring true story about how she combined her passions to advocate for parrots and veterans suffering from PTSD with a unique animal intervention program which eventually lead to her founding of Serenity Park and later Lockwood Animal Rescue Center.

A portion of all profits from Birds of a Feather will support Serenity Park, so please be sure to buy your book today! Don’t forget to leave a review at Amazon and Goodreads.

Leeloo's Saviour


With a tip from one of our long-time wolf-loving supporters, LARC was informed about Leeloo's death sentence at an Orange County, CA shelter. As a high-content wolfdog, Leeloo was going to be euthanized because she had demonstrated aggressive behavior in public towards a human. After spending weeks at the shelter, LARC was finally able to rescue her. We have to thank our dearest Friend of the Wolf, Marilyn, for informing us of this dire situation. Thanks to her, another life was saved!

Farewell Foxy Roxy


We recently had to say goodbye to Roxy, a beautiful red fox, who passed away due to cancer. Roxy had been at LARC for over six years after being used as an “actress” in film and TV. She lived out the rest of her life at LARC happily with her packmate Gandalf, an arctic fox. She will be dearly missed by all of us. 

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Thank you for supporting LARC!


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