The Howling Press New Years' Edition

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All of us at LARC, NEWARC and Serenity Park Wish you and your Loved Ones a Happy New Year Filled with Health, Heart, and Harmony for All Species

This is the time of year when many people like to make year-end contributions to help further our mission and for a deduction on your tax load

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Animals like Bronco Billy (above) are dependent on caring friends like you who contribute to his well-being throughout the year.  Many of the contributors to the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center (LARC), the New England Wolf Advocacy and Rescue Center (NEWARC) and Serenity Park Sanctuary do so at the end of this month in order to also benefit by getting a tax deduction.  Everyone benefits! All three organizations are IRS-approved 501(C)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organizations.

Year-end donations are not only tax deductible but make a great gift to anyone in whose name you would care to make a donation!  At Serenity Park we can also plant a tree in honor of a loved one. 

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Lucien (above) is one of our Elder Statesmen, who would love your support.  

You can help sponsor a veteran at LARC, NEWARC or Serenity Park or a Wolf, Wolfdog, Coyote, Fox, Horse or Parrot by donating now:


Big News for NEWARC!  Ever since LARC went to New England to rescue the wolves and wolfdogs in need there in 2013 we have been caring for an aging population of animals who are slowly getting age-related conditions like arthritis.  After much deliberation we decided to bring the elders and their packs back to the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center.   This is very good news for the older animals who will not have to deal with months-long winters of below freezing temperatures.  And while wolves in the wild can handle harsh conditions, wolfdogs do not do as well when they are getting up there in age.  

At the recommendation of our veterinarians, LARC drove out to New England with truck and trailer and transported these animals back to LARC (we are the same facility with different sites) where they are safe and (relatively) warm - HOME for the holidays.  

At NEWARC we will focus on building indoor-outdoor enclosures or other means of protecting older animals from freezing temps after this winter's freeze!  

NEWARC Elders Shane & Sierra Get Their Holiday Wish (below at LARC now)

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Veteran and Picasso

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Recognize this guy?  This is Picasso, one of the parrots who changed this veterans's life - Matthew SImmons - who came to the parrot sanctuary one day in 2006 to volunteer! Who knew that he would devote himself to the parrots and other animals he encountered as a result of this relationship!

One person can make such a difference - the Power of One - the Power of You!

2017 promises to be a special year for the Parrots and Veterans of Serenity Park, with a documentary and book coming out before the end of the year - look for it (and, of course, we will keep you posted!)

Sponsor a Serenity Park Parrot or Veteran!

Again, please enjoy a Very Happy, Healthy New Year and our Deepest Appreciation to You 

Year-end donations are tax deductible and a personalized Thank You card can be sent as a belated holiday gift :)))

Shop at AmazonSmile and Amazon will make a .5% donation at no cost to you  to LARCNEWARC and PARROT CARE! Click the link below now to get started: :

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