Veterans and animals healing together

You Can Be a Part of the Wolves and Warriors Pack!


We are kicking off our Wolves and Warriors campaign today and we need your help to reach our goal of $10,000 to help rescue and care for wolves and wolfdogs who are suffering from abuse and neglect!

Register today and create your own custom page where you can share why you love wolves and honor veterans. Share your page with friends, family and co-workers and help us raise funds for Wolves and Warriors.

The more money you raise, the more limited-edition prizes you will receive. The top fundraiser will win a VIP virtual tour of LARC with the opportunity to be one-on-one with Matthew Simmons, Dr. Lorin Lindner and the wolves!

Find out more about all of the great prizes you can win and best of all how your support will make a difference for veterans and animals.

Thank you for your help, we can't do it without you!

Veteran Bill is Back to Care for the Parrots


Bill, one of our most dedicated veterans, recently had to take a leave of absence to undergo a medical procedure. We are delighted to report that Bill is doing great and has returned to LARC as our primary parrot caregiver! The birds couldn't be happier. Upon his return they called and cooed to their old friend, delighted to see him again - especially Ditto who missed his gentle petting. We feel the same way - thank you so much Bill for your service to this country and your loving care for our flock!

Animals Rescued from the Wildlife Waystation


Though Matthew no longer works at the Wildlife Waystation, which recently had to shut its doors, he is still deeply concerned with the outcome for the animals that still need to find new homes. Due to connections that he made while COO of the organization, three chimps have found a new home at Chimps Northwest. A fantastic group, Tigers in America, has placed all of the big cats and bears in great sanctuaries across the country, like this lion who had been languishing on concrete until being successfully placed by Tigers in America. Two hyenas have also found wonderful new forever homes.

Matt is still trying to help place the 39 remaining chimps and would like to see all of the remaining animals be placed in sanctuaries where they will receive quality care.

Working with Wyoming Wildlife Advocates


Last month, Dr. Lindner and Matthew travelled to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to speak at Wyoming Wildlife Advocates event An Evening with our Ally: The Wolf. The event also featured a screening of The War In Between, a documentary about the veterans and wolves at LARC.

Wyoming Wildlife Advocates face a difficult task protecting wolves in the wild because anyone can kill a wolf anytime in Wyoming for any reason - all year long. Events like these are crucial to educate the public about the incredible nature of this keystone species and the importance of coexistence.


Fur-Ever Wild Trial


Here are the young pups at Fur-Ever Wild crowded together for the petting zoo. And what might have been their fate when the sign in the gift shop takes orders for wolf body parts?

Last month, Matthew went to Minnesota for a hearing in the Fur-Ever Wild case. Fur-Ever Wild is the roadside zoo and fur farm that our team helped to close down, which you saw on our Animal Planet series Wolves and Warriors. We have partnered with ALDF to sue Fur-Ever Wild for raising wolves in captivity and slaughtering them for their pelts - which violates Section 9 of the Endangered Species Act by harming and pelting protected gray wolves.

Your support is vital as we continue to fight against animal cruelty and as we prepare for more rescue missions across the country.

New Enclosures

Kimmi and Kihei are loving the water feature in their new enclosure that has a large natural rock pond with a recycling waterfall!


Dante was rescued from a facility that makes Premarin - a pharmaceutical that isdangerous to humans and animals alike. Dante is so grateful to the kind people who rescued him and to LARC for giving him a forever home. And forever in horse terms is a good 25-30 years! Thanks to NEAVS for his care and support.

Photo by Howard Morris.