Meet Our Newest Sanctuary Residents

A New Girlfriend for Gandalf


The search is over and we have found the perfect fox friend for Gandalf, our resident Arctic fox. Her name is Kitty, but we are relying on our supporters to provide for her ongoing care, and thereby garner naming rights. We transferred this adorable kit fox from another sanctuary where she was living alone. As with all new arrivals, we create a physical barrier between her and Gandalf to monitor and watch behavior. From the moment that Gandalf laid eyes on her, he wanted to be close. After a few days, we let them visit under our watchful eye and realized that they will be happy together. She is still getting used to her large enclosure and the sounds and smells of all of her neighbors.

All of the veterans at LARC are happy to see Gandalf playing with his new friend.

Wildlife Waystation and LARC's COO


LARC's COO and co-founder, Matthew Simmons, once again is spearheading a rescue - this one of a different sort. In order to provide care for the over 475 animals at the Wildlife Waystation, Matthew has taken a position within the organization as the COO, in partnership with Dave Bruyette, President of the Board of the Wildlife Waystation, to facilitate animal care, new enclosures, and ongoing financial support to this struggling organization.

To all our supporters, it is a good thing to know that Wildlife Waystation is nearby and Matthew will continue his duties at LARC and that his and Dr. Lindner's brainchild, Wolves and Warriors, will continue to thrive without a hitch. Many of the veterans enrolled in our program will take on a stronger leadership role and will help to fill the hours at LARC when Matthew is at the Wildlife Waystation.

Matching Gift is Doubled Again!


Much to our absolute delight, the very generous donor who had pledged to match gifts up to $25,000 has announced that she will double her gift to match up to $50,000! All of these funds will be used to care for the senior animals at LARC - for all of the additional medical care and comfort they need to live out their golden years.

With your help, we can reach our goal of $100,000 to ensure the best care for these gentle creatures, many who have been rescued from cases of abuse and neglect - wolves and wolfdogs like Blade and Lavannah, pictured above. Blade, who we estimate is between the ages of 15-20 is our elder statesman. In his younger years, he was an "actor" and you many have seen him in Sean Penn's Into the Wild. When LARC rescued him, we found him chained to a pole at a roadside attraction in Alaska with 28 other wolves and wolfdogs. Since his rescue eight years ago, Blade has had a happy life at LARC and adores his partner Lavannah, an Arctic wolf.

Our Spring Matching Gift Campaign is now extended to July 31, but please don't wait to get your gift in to help twice as many animals!

Give Dad a Gift that Will Help Animals for Father's Day

No matter what gift you plan to give this year, when you shop with Amazon Smile, a portion of the proceeds from your purchase can be donated to LARC to support our programs for veterans and rescued animals. Click the image below and use this link for all of your Father's Day shopping. Also, save the link and use anytime you shop on Amazon to make every purchase one that supports veterans and animals!

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Say Hello to Our Youngest Member of the Pack!


Another new arrival to LARC is this young coyote, cuddled by LARC co-founders. We thank our wildlife rehabber friends who brought him to us from Lake Arrowhead because CA Fish and Wildlife would have required that he be put down once he reached six months of age as he could not be released back into the wild. We hope that Lichen and Katie Coy, our two other coyote rescues from the same conscientious rehabbers, will take to him when he is a bit older as they are very accommodating to other animals.

Clockwork Saves The Day


Our supporter, code name "Clockwork," has decided to make it her vision that Matthew Simmons and all of the veterans at LARC have all the tools necessary to complete welding jobs and make repairs to the sanctuary. This amazing gear will streamline our processes and also allow us to make more custom crates, enclosures and transport tools to ensure that rescue operations go more smoothly. Support from people like Clockwork make all of the difference to our projects and staff. Our COO Matthew Simmons wants to personally acknowledge her for the fantastic welders and welding gear. The photo above shows us getting ready for the new equipment.

How Parrots End Up In Sanctuary


This sweet bird is affectionate and quite brilliant. Unfortunately, that is the reason why so many people want to own an African grey parrot which has caused this species to practically go extinct in the wild. Their ability to use human speech also makes them appealing, but they can also imitate just about any sound. This beautiful parrot does the microwave ding over and over and was a major reason why she was relinquished to our sanctuary. We always encourage people to adopt a parrot rather than buy.