WolfGuard protects wild wolves, new LARC apparel and more

WolfGuard Campaign in Montana Begins!

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Wolves, our national treasures, are being illegally slaughtered by poachers who continue to kill outside the bounds of legislated legal practices. Traps and snares are set with bait - which is illegal - and oftentimes they are placed on public lands without any oversight.

The WolfGuard campaign says "enough is enough." We are setting out this year, thanks to the help of our supporters, with more specialized cameras and digital gear than ever before. The WolfGuard Team, made up of combat veterans, will be at the illegal sites and entry points throughout the national forest to document poachers and try to bring them to justice. They will brave the bitter cold during this wolf protection campaign, thereby continuing to serve their country in a new way.

With your support, we plan on putting more veterans on the ground and having more active patrols in the high-kill areas.

Dental Team Provides Care for the Wolves at LARC

dental surgery-1.jpg

At LARC, we have an aging wolf and wolfdog population. Their mouth - a part of their body that they use for socialization, feeding and grooming - often takes the brunt of years of use. So this past weekend, with the help of one of our major supporters, Malka, we were able to fly in a veterinary dental specialist and work on the teeth of four of our wolfdogs.

dental surgery-3.jpg

The LARC staff, along with a medical team from Oaks Veterinary Urgent Care and Dr. Barron Hall from Vienna Veterinary Hospital in Virginia, spent a long day doing oral surgery on some of our residents.

Apache, one of the stars of Wolves and Warriors, who had a broken tooth at his rescue, was showing signs that something else might be bothering his jaw. Upon further evaluation, Apache required two root canals to save his damaged canine teeth.

Of course, large habitats and a great diet have helped these wolves and wolfdogs to live long lives. With the support of the dental team, we hope to make those years more comfortable for our residents.

A video showing the team working on Apache is available on our Vimeo channel.

The Parrots Welcome Veteran Jeffrey Back to Serenity Park


Jeffrey first arrived at Serenity Park in 2011 and completed our program in 2012. There were a few bumps in the road for Jeffrey, which included a deterioration in his overall health. While at a recent medical appointment, Jeffrey ran into our co-founder Matthew Simmons at the VA. A decision was made to bring Jeffrey to LARC and to have him help care for the parrots of Serenity Park North. The birds clamored for Jeffrey upon his return.

Jeffrey has shared with our staff how much this return has helped with his healing. Today Jeffrey, Tango, and Jester share moments like these together while Jeffrey hangs toys and branches for the indoor/outdoor enclosures. Everything inside our aviaries is chewable for the parrots. So perches, bird boxes and toys end up shredded on the floor for the birds’ enrichment and enjoyment. They are rebuilt and replaced by the veterans as needed (many of these toys can be gifted to us on our Amazon Wishlist).

NEWARC Wolves Happy at LARC


Brought from New Hampshire due to the icy cold winters, Dukon and Creek still get to enjoy the snow, but at least it doesn't last all season long here at LARC. This pair has been going strong for years now, and they adore each other's company.

All of the animals from NEWARC who were brought to LARC in 2016 continue to receive the very best care from our veterans. In the photo to the left, you see a fire hose bed which provides cushiony support for this increasingly aging population.

Senseless Killing of Yellowstone Wolf

Spitfire, aka Wolf 926F, was killed recently by a trophy hunter just outside of Yellowstone National Park. Even with Endangered Species Act (ESA) protection, a national treasure and a well known survivor like Spitfire was killed by a bullet because she roamed outside of the park. Wolves do not adhere to park or state boundaries or other imaginary boundaries.Things will only get worse if they lose ESA protection. At a time when trophy hunters skirt the law to put a pelt on the wall, we need to look closely at their actions. Please contact your senators to tell them that they must preserve ESA protections for wild wolves.

This is why the WolfGuard campaign is so vital - to bring to light illegal poaching and unnecessary killing of beloved wolves like Spitfire. It is with a heavy heart that we acknowledge this loss, but with a firm fist that we head out into the wilds of North America to prevent this from happening to other wolves. Please choose to support this campaign that will provide accountability for those who choose to kill our national treasures.

Photo by Marc Cooke, Wolves of the Rockies

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