Yoli and Virginia reunited, update on WolfGuard, plus the newest member of our flock

Yoli and Virginia Happy to Be Reunited


This week, we had to bring Virginia to the vet to have an urgent procedure on her eye. We noticed she was having some difficulty with her eye, and upon further investigation by our veterinarian we discovered that she had a blocked tear-duct. The blockage was removed and she is already showing a great deal of improvement.

Meanwhile, Yoli was back at the sanctuary, anxious for Virginia's return. Dr. Lindner spent time playing with him in his enclosure to help calm his nerves.

When Virginia returned from the vet later that day, the two were delighted to be reunited (see above)!

Thank you Amazon Wishlist supporters! We love our new gear!

Wow! We are so grateful to all of our generous supporters. You are all so amazing! Thanks to you, all of the veterans on our Wolfguard team, as well as those who care for the animals at LARC, will be prepared for the cold winter. Your thoughtful gifts of boots, gloves, snow pants, goggles, hats, flashlights and more will get a lot of good use and keep us all warm and illuminated!

In addition, you sent us so many fun treats for the animals! The birds have been enjoying all of the tasty nuts and toys you've sent. Meanwhile, the wolves and wolfdogs have been entertained with all of the kongs and toys they've received.

There are always new items on our Amazon Wishlist, so please check in as often as you'd like. We are so appreciative of everyone who has purchased a gift.

Montana WolfGuard Campaign Update

It was a successful trip on two fronts for our team of indomitable WolfGuard veterans who also went to the border of Yellowstone because of the death of the alpha female there, named Spitfire. We were fearful that her pups, now yearlings, would suffer a similar fate so WolfGuard intervened against poachers outside of the park. It was there that they found the site where Spitfire was likely killed and we wanted to be sure her pups were not lured out of the park like we believe Spitfire was despite being radio collared and a national icon and treasure. We were assisted, as always, by the great folks from Wolves of the Rockies and Trapfree Montana.

The WolfGuard Team also went back to the Bitterroot Valley because of on the ground intel we received from a vigilant supporter who also bought us a FLIR camera to help monitor poaching areas. The Team returned home in time for the holidays and is preparing to go back out now that the new year has begun.

Thank you to all of you who are helping to fund this life-saving mission for wild wolves and providing gear for the red hot WolfGuard Team.

Meet the Newest Member of our Flock


Say hello to Archie! This sweet guy is the newest member of the Serenity Park flock.

Dr. Lindner knew Archie back in the 1980s when he was sent from a breeder to a pet store in Los Angeles because he killed two of the breeding hens with whom he was placed.


Archie has a long history. He was caught in the wild over 50 years ago and in the process he was "pinioned" meaning his wings were cut so short he was never able to fly again. He has been through a great deal, but lucky for him he was adopted 20 years ago by Lorrie Mitchell, a teacher, renowned parrot lover and dear friend. Before her death, she willed Archie to Dr. Lindner who is so grateful to be able to love him in Lorrie's absence. Being 75 years old now, Archie gets to live in the house with Dr. Lindner, Matt and the rest of the furry family and he is the king of his roost.

Dr. Lindner puts her love into the freshly cooked hot food for Archie and all of the birds at Serenity Park: couscous with chick peas and veggies.

WolfGuard Veteran Juan Returns to LARC

Juan is a specially trained Army veteran and was part of our first WolfGuard campaign, living in harsh conditions and under the threat of hunters throughout the winter season in Montana. One time hunters shot at his vehicle and another time they put sugar in the gas tank effectively disabling him. But Juan’s intense military training made him very resourceful and that was one of our most successful campaigns, essentially reducing the number of illegally trapped animals by over 300%.

Art By Our Supporters


Not only is Marilyn Robinson one of our most dedicated supporters, but she is also a talented artist who loves to paint beautiful portraits of our four-legged residents. Here is her latest of Danny Boy, one of our rescues from Alaska. The resemblance is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your art with us, Marilyn!


Another wonderful supporter, Joe Norton, created custom name plaques for all of the wolves and parrots in our sanctuary. Each sign is unique! We are so grateful for these name signs that hang in front of the enclosures, they are just gorgeous. Twiggy seems to like them, too!

Happy New Year! We hope that 2019 started out well for you.