A Win for the Wolves

Fur-Ever Wild Case Leads to Court Ruling to Protect Wolves

Pictured above: Twiggy and Big Boy, rescued from Fur Ever Wild, with Dr. Lindner

Pictured above: Twiggy and Big Boy, rescued from Fur Ever Wild, with Dr. Lindner

After years of trying to do what's right for wolves, we are very happy to announce that, along with the support of our partners at the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), we have won a court ruling that protects gray wolves with some dog DNA under the Endangered Species Act. This is in response to our 2017 lawsuit filed against Fur-Ever Wild - a fur farm and petting zoo in Minnesota. To read more about the lawsuit, please click this link.

This is a huge win for wolves and wolfdogs! However, the battle isn't over yet. We still need to go to trial to prove that Fur-Ever Wild violated the Endangered Species Act. Please click the link below to donate today so we can continue to fight against inhumane acts against animals.

Keep Your Companion Animals Safe on Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July! We hope you have an extra fun holiday. As you may know, Independence Day can be especially stressful on our companion animals, with all of the firecrackers and other loud noises. We encourage you to stay home with your furry friends to make sure they are safe and monitor their stress levels. Being around their human companions helps them to feel more secure.

Water Enrichment for the Wolves Keeps them Cool in the Heat


With the summer heat, it is important that we find innovative ways to help the wolves with their thermal regulation. One way we have found is using ice. Ice chips in the water buckets for them to play with, ice blocks in their dens for them to lay on, and frozen meat treats.

As the temperatures continue to rise, we need your help to buy a commercial grade ice maker, to keep our 45 canids cool every day. Thank you so much for helping to make the animals comfortable!

Summer Fun for the Parrots


The parrots have all moved to their extended summer vacation homes, i.e. their outdoor aviaries. They delight in their panoramic views of the valley, the warmer weather and the gentle breezes. In addition, they are loving all of the new toys and nuts (if you want to give a special gift to the birds, the almonds in the shell are their favorites!) that have been sent to them from generous supporters, purchased from our Amazon Wishlist.

The problem with cockatoos like Ditto (pictured above with veteran Bill) is that they would like to be surgically attached to your shoulder if they had the choice. Bill would never be able to get any work done if we left it up to her! This is one of the reasons cockatoos are the most relinquished parrots to sanctuaries around the country. Through no fault of their own, they are extremely flock-oriented and will scream until they are in the comforting arms of a flock mate. With so many requests to take these highly social and demanding birds, our sanctuary is sadly full for cockatoos.