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Samson and Harmony are both senior wolves and make such a happy pair!

Samson and Harmony are both senior wolves and make such a happy pair!

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Dear Friend,

Samson and Harmony were both part of the pack of 29 wolves and wolfdogs that we rescued from an unbearable fate in Alaska in 2011. The State was determined to destroy them and when we found them chained up outside in the snow, they looked up at us with solemn eyes as if to say "please help us" and we knew we could not let them down.

Now, eight years since their rescue, this gorgeous pair is thriving at the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center (LARC). Harmony had once been used as a breeding female, raising numerous litters. We think that Samson could quite possibly be related to her. At LARC, they are free to run and explore, and their veteran caregivers tend to them with love. They are both in their golden years and will hopefully live well beyond what their life expectancy would have been if they remained in Alaska.

About 80% percent of the wolves and wolfdogs at LARC are over the age of eight and 50% percent are over the age of twelve. Due to their age, and the fact that the majority were rescued from cases involving abuse or neglect, many of them require a little extra dental and veterinary care.

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Lorin Lindner, PhD, MPH and Matthew Simmons, US Navy veteran

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