Saying Farewell to a Hero

Farewell James "Lil Man" Thompson, a LARC Hero

On Sunday, we joined family and friends to lay Army veteran James Gabriel Thompson to rest in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Words cannot describe the pain in our hearts that we feel. We will never forget Thompson's smile, positive attitude, and dedication to all animals. Though he was taken from us far too soon, we are forever grateful for the time we had with him.

Thompson's tombstone has an angel on his right and a wolf on his left because, as his mother told us, "he was always my angel and he loved the wolves."

Thank you so very much to all of the generous supporters who contributed to his funeral fund. Through this wellspring of compassion, all of the funeral expenses were paid. His family is so grateful for your kindness, as are all of us at LARC.

Curious Lichen


Lichen is one of the many of us at LARC who is likely to miss Thompson, but thankfully his coyote companions Katie Coy and Normandy have been keeping him company and very active (as coyotes often are). He also has been curious about our new animal behaviorist, Joey, who is just as curious about Lichen (pictured above)!

We will be giving Lichen extra TLC and keeping a close eye on him in the coming weeks to ensure that he has everything he needs.

Lil Man - The Newest Member of the Pack


Meet our newest pack member! He was named Ryder, but we have renamed him Lil Man, in honor of our dear friend Thompson who was affectionately called "Lil Man" by his friends and family. This beautiful boy came to us from another sanctuary where he was living on his own. When he arrived at LARC, we put him in the enclosure next to Luna and we noticed that they were instantly intrigued with each other. We tried the introduction and it was like love at first sight. Young, playful Luna adores her Lil Man and follows him everywhere he goes, in their one-acre enclosure. In turn, Lil Man is delighted to finally have a companion. You can see the beautiful pair above - Lil Man (left) and Luna (right).

For Sadira, No One Compares to Apache


We have tried pairing Sadira with some potential companions, but she has rejected each one. It will take a very special wolf to keep her company after she has lost Apache. We will continue the search for her. In the meantime, our caregivers are keeping her busy with toys and lots of love. We are so grateful to have our newly donated ice machine which provides Sadira and all the other wolves with floating ice enrichment in their swimming troughs.

Thank You to Our Wishlist Supporters


Thank you so much to all of our incredible supporters for helping us purchase items from our Amazon Wishlist and more! We really couldn't do it without your generosity. It makes a huge difference to our nonprofit organization to receive this type of ingenious and invaluable assistance. Thank you TL for the truck that enables us to haul absolutely anything now, JM for the cell phone boosters that allow us to make calls even when there is poor cell coverage here in the mountains, and JR for the industrial ice maker for ice toys for the wolves in the summer and all the great parrot and dog toys and treats. In addition, we have an amazing supporter, ML, who is going to speak at his local Rotary Club about LARC veterans and animals, helping to raise awareness and funding.

Thank you so much to each and everyone one of our outstanding supporters, we are so appreciative of you!


Wolves and Warriors Show

At the beginning of this year, we were hopeful that Netflix would pick up Wolves and Warriors and film a second season, but we are disappointed to report that this will not likely happen. We know you are all eager to see more from the veterans and animals at LARC, but for now there are no plans for renewing the show. You can still stay updated by following us on social media (links below) to see videos and photos from our sanctuary. Thank you all for requesting another season of Wolves and Warriors, we will keep fighting to try to make this happen!

In the meantime, Animal Planet is still re-airing episodes in some regions and you can always watch it on Animal Planet GO and Amazon Prime.

Wildlife Waystation

LARC's Matthew Simmons is no longer with the Wildlife Waystation. Unfortunately, the Wildlife Waystation has had a history of keeping animals in small enclosures and on concrete while also not being in compliance with many state agencies. Under the management of Mr. Simmons, huge strides were made with those state agencies and he was finding permanent placement in appropriate sanctuaries for the big cats and primates. Late last month, Mr. Simmons' vision for success was intentionally aborted by the Board when they let him go and are continuing with the same poor practices that previously existed at the Waystation. It has been difficult to step away, but we want to let everyone know that we are at the ready to help place all of the animals from the Waystation at any time that the state agencies deem it necessary.