Springtime Fun with the Wolves and Wolfdogs at LARC

It's Springtime at LARC!


Springtime brings warmer weather to our sanctuary in the Ventura County mountains, and the animals are ready for it! Many of our wolves and wolfdogs are blowing their coats. This means that they are quickly shedding their warm, winter coats. The fur sometimes comes out in thick clumps, like you can see on Sadira above, and at the end of the process they might look a little slimmer, as the coat they are shedding is thick and heavy. Even our Arctic Fox, Gandalf, is shedding his coat! He is a white fluff ball in the winter, and you can see what looks like little snowballs all over his enclosure. As we get further along into the warmer season his coat will turn grey, too.

While wild wolves rely on brush and branches to snag their shedding coat, our sanctuary residents love to get help from Dr. Lindner and our veterans!


Donate Now and Your Gift Will Be Doubled!


Help twice as many animals when you donate now! A very generous donor have offered to match gifts made to our Spring Campaign by 100%. This means that your support will be multiplied to help twice as many animals. Not only will you have twice the impact, but your support will specifically be used to help the senior animals at LARC. Many of these sweet creatures need a little extra medical care and TLC as they get into their golden years.

Right now, your gift will make a big difference. Please give today and help us reach our goal of $25,000 which will be matched 100% to be a total of $50,000 for senior animal care. Don't wait - gifts will only be matched until June 30th!

Mother's Day Gifts for Animal Lovers

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 2.35.22 PM.png

For all the mothers who are animal lovers, LARC and Wolves and Warriors apparel make great gifts! Choose from t-shirts, hoodies and our signature long-sleeve staff t-shirts. Shop our store for last minute gifts.

You can also make a gift that supports LARC animals and veterans by shopping Amazon Smile for Mother's Day. Click the banner below and a portion of your purchase on Amazon will be donated directly to LARC. Be sure to use this link for all of your Amazon shopping anytime!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the amazing Moms out there!


Apache Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

It is with a heavy heart that we share this news. Apache was a big part of our lives and with the help of our supporters he received the best care imaginable. For many of the veterans here at LARC, this was a huge emotional blow to the team. We fought and fought but the cancer won.⁣

We will be memorializing Apache thanks to one of our great supporters and erecting a plaque for him on our memorial wall. Life just isn't the same without him here.⁣

We know his pain is gone but he has left us and many of the veterans with a wounded heart. We will heal but Apache was an amazing animal and part of the LARC family. We miss him dearly.⁣

Birds of a Feather

It has been almost one year since the parrots of Serenity Park at the West Los Angeles VA moved to Serenity Park North and it has been a wonderful transition. The veterans caring for the parrots no longer have the long commute to Los Angeles and can spend more quality time with the parrots. Dr. Lindner, whose first love was a parrot, long before she fell in love with wolves, now concocts her specialty hot meals for them every day, hand feeding many of them, including Archie, the newly arrived 75-year-old Moluccan cockatoo she inherited from a dear friend.

Dr. Lindner is offering a copy of her book, Birds of a Feather: A True Story of Hope and the Healing Power of Animals either in book form or in Audible to anyone donating a plaque to honor a female veteran for Mother's Day. It was two female veterans who helped Dr. Lindner as her very first volunteers, Lilly and Judy, and she is forever grateful to them. Lilly, whose true story of Search and Rescue in the frigid waters of Alaska, is featured in Dr. Lindner's book and she continues to volunteer and love up the parrots.

Even if you are not ordering a plaque today, please consider buying Birds of a Featherand learn about how Dr. Lindner met Matthew Simmons and started the sanctuary known as LARC.

Hilary Swank is a Friend to the Wolves (and Parrots!)


Wiley the wolfdog, the original rescue that started the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center, got a chance to meet another amazing animal advocate by the name of Hilary Swank.

The synergy of this meeting was unbelievable. Hilary loves parrots and rescues dogs while using the same amazing veterinary staff at Oaks Urgent Veterinary Center, where this picture was taken.

Hilary is scheduled to shoot a PSA to support the wolves and parrots that call this sanctuary home. The little hat in the back is our co-founder, Matthew Simmons who was upstaged by both Wiley and Hilary in this photo.

Show Your Love for Veterans this Memorial Day


What better way to honor the veterans and fallen heroes in your life than with a beautiful custom plaque on our tribute wall. Each plaque has a dedicated message and military emblem, making it one-of-a-kind and personal. Our tribute wall stands at the entrance of the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center for all to see. In the photo above, you can see Dr. Lindner, Matt, the veterans, and our wonderful woodworker Trampas holding the new plaques that will soon be hung on our tribute wall.

End the War on Wolves


The government is currently deciding whether or not to take away endangered species protections from wolves in the lower 48 states. If this does happen, the onslaught of trophy hunting would be devastating to wild wolves. America's most misunderstood apex predator needs your help right now! As we mentioned in our last newsletter, there are ways to voice your opposition. Follow this new link and please sign the Center for Biological Diversity's petition to tell the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife that wolf populations need protection.