Opportunities For Veterans

LARC has always devoted itself to our returning military men and women, and we understand that the price of freedom is not free. LARC understands that many returning combat veterans feel displaced and disconnected upon their return. The veterans enrolled in our program get a chance to heal with our back-to-nature eco-therapy approach. More specifically, each veteran is paired with another veteran who is further along in the process, and they work side-by-side caring for a similar sentient being (wolves, parrots, horses, etc.) who has also suffered from trauma. More often than not, a returning infantryman who wrestles with being a killer or a father can find a compatible soul in the wolfdog who struggles with being a dog or a wolf.  At LARC, we are aware that there is no cure for PTSD and survivors’ guilt, but what we offer is a safe place, supported by our staff to explore these events and to understand that healing is possible.