The Association for Parrot C.A.R.E.
(dba Serenity park)

What a glorious existence to be a parrot!

Is there anything more liberating than the ability to fly?

More exhilarating than to see in vivid color?

Or more fulfilling than living in a large extended family being groomed daily?

Perhaps more important, being a parrot means access to the greatest selection of the world’s most delicious and varied foods foraged throughout the day.

This is, indeed, the life of a parrot in the wild – at Serenity Park Sanctuary we try to duplicate the ideal life knowing we can never give them exactly what they need – freedom.  At Serenity Park Veterans care for the parrots in large outdoor aviaries where they provide fresh eucalyptus to chew on, bottomless boxes made of formaldehyde free wood, large forage trays of fruits and vegetables, fresh seeds, fresh nuts, hot food in the morning, and interaction with human companions as dictated by the parrots’ desire.

Given the longevity of parrots once we fill an aviary that aviary will house that parrot for her or his long lifetime.  Therefore, we typically remain full and cannot take in any additional parrots unless a new aviary is built.  With the fluctuating price of steel these can be quite costly!


Birds of a Feather, the inspiring true story about the bonds between wounded warriors and forlorn parrots who are both healing at Serenity Park Sanctuary.

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