WolfGuard is our team of combat veterans that monitors wildlands in North America to document and put an end to atrocities against wild wolf populations.

With the de-listing of the wolf as an endangered species and unchecked trapping practices on the rise, wolf kills in the US has reached an untenable height. This has drawn the WolfGuard Team into action on the ground. We work to change how the wolf is treated on public lands by inserting the WolfGuard team to document wolf trappings and taking action when required to protect this majestic creature. Hunters are baiting wolves outside national park boundaries, running wolves with hounds, and shooting wolves from trucks and hunt cabins along the wolf’s natural route outside national parks. WolfGuard aims to put an end to these practices.

The public is largely unaware of the tortured deaths that many wolves suffer since most of this slaughter occurs in the dense forest away from the public eye. However, WolfGuard is bringing the wolf’s pain to the public to help protect wolves where they live…and should always live.

WolfGuard is working to end canned wolf hunts and illegal trapping by reducing the number of wolves killed, bringing cruel hunting practices into the public eye, and persuading the public to support legislation that ends wolf hunting and trapping in the United States.

Our work will not stop until the wolf is safe from destruction by those who misunderstand the vital nature of the wolf in our ecosystems.

We urgently need your support to combat the illegal hunting and trapping of America's most misunderstood apex predator! Please click the link below to learn more about how you can help protect wolves from illegal slaughter in the Bitterroot Valley.