Our Veterans

Matthew Simmons

Matthew Simmons, Navy Veteran and a long time volunteer of Serenity Park, took on a advisory role in 2008 at Serenity Park while helping to begin the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center. Matthew was one of the creators of the Warriors and Wolves program and is currently...

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Mike Tucker

Mike is a Navy Veteran who served both in the U.S. and abroad. Mike has suffered from PTSD and depression and is currently enrolled in a residential treatment facility, while also working at Serenity Park caring for the parrots.

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Stanley McDonald

US Navy Veteran, 12 years 1982-94 Combat Veteran. Stanley McDonald is a graduate of Serenity Park, part-time volunteer at LARC, and a full-time foreman for L & M Construction. Stanley is always willing to help out a veteran and care for the animals at both...

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Richard Mitchel

Marine Corps Veteran 1990-93 + 4 years reserve and 3 years 3rd service support. Richard recently started working for LARC. As time progresses we’ll see where he fits in on the LARC team. His passion and dedication to his duties is remarkable. Its like they say: once a...

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Victor Smith

Army Veteran 1980-83. Victor works at Serenity Park in Los Angeles. Victor has also started a dog walking service in West Los Angeles. His affinity for animals makes him an exceptional warrior in the “Warrior and Wolves” program. Victor helped with construction and...

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Troy Freeman

Army Veteran 1973-76 plus 8 years reserve. Troy has been working with the wolves since 2011. He was vital in the construction of the new enclosures at LARC for the big Alaska rescue. Troy has also helped with socialization and feeding of all the wolf-dogs and his...

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Lilly Love

Lilly is a coast guard veteran and one of the first search and rescue personnel dispatched to Alaska. Lilly was involved in rescues of both civilian and military personnel during her service. She is also currently enrolled in the PTSD program at the VA Medical Center....

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Tyler served in the Gulf War from 1992 through 1996. He was attached to the 24th infantry. Ty is currently being treated at the West Los Angeles VA for PTSD. As part of this therapy he is working with the wolf-dogs at the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center. Ty is a...

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Daniel is a combat veteran. He is currently working at Serenity Park in Los Angeles.

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Juan Mosquera

After returning home from combat and after going through some self-evaluation, Juan came across one of the Facebook videos describing the Warriors and Wolves program. While on his way to a job interview with the San Francisco SWOT team, he decided to make a visit to...

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Mike Flenniken

Mike, an army Veteran, arrived at Serenity Park during the Veteran’s Day BBQ. At this event, Serenity Park feeds over 2,500 Veterans and their families in celebration of Veteran’s Day. Mike volunteered at the picnic and soon after was offered a part-time...

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Rowdy is a 100% disabled honorably discharged Veteran. He spent 4 years in the Army and Navy, serving as an Infantryman in the Army and Seabee (construction battalion) in the Navy. Rowdy is a property caregiver during the weekends at Serenity Park, where he takes care...

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Jim Minnick

Jim Minnick, a navy veteran, began his career at LARC as a volunteer prior to graduation from an animal husbandry class at The College of the Canyons. Jim started with the parrots, moved onto the wolves with LARC, and became an intricate part of the management staff...

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James Logan (Not a Veteran)

James performs duties as facility manager at both Serenity Park and LARC. He started as a volunteer, later because a supporter, and finally became a full time employee and facilities manger. James is one of our few non-veteran staff and his father is a decorated Pearl...

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Jeremy Stanford

Army Veteran 2006-2009 Iraq for 15 months. Jeremy is one of the newest members of the Warriors and Wolves Team. He got a chance to split firewood for our upcoming fundraiser and was introduced to Wiley while working. 

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Desmond Rice

Army Veteran 82nd Airborne 1984-86. Desmond served with wings on his shoulder and seems to fly through his duties. He is currently assisting with the firewood project and the animals at Serenity Park. His promptness and dedication are what we have grown to expect from...

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Jessy Martinez

Jesse Martinez came to the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center via a college internship program. Jesse demonstrated a great work ethic and a strong connection to the animals at LARC. Upon graduation from this program at The College of the Canyons, Jesse was hired as a...

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