Warriors and Wolves- OLD

The wolf, a coursing predator, has been responsible for keeping the balance in nature for thousands of years. The wolf speaks up for the mouse by making sure that the elk doesn’t rub all the bark off the tree and create a wasteland. The wolf speaks up for the frog by moving the heard from one green lush valley to another so that the streambed and the waterways can sustain the life of the frog. In these actions, the wolf’s true role is to protect the wilds of North America by maintaining a balance in nature.

The Veteran, much like the wolf, acts like a coursing predator and travels around the globe to protect the indigent, the poor, and the downtrodden by moving them to a safe place. The Veteran, much like the wolf, if necessary can kill to protect the good of the many. Herein lies the similarity. The wolf protects the environment and is ridiculed, the Veteran protects his country and is called a murderer. The Veteran, who travels around the world to protect democracy and our way of life, returns home with scars, physical or otherwise. Both the wolf and the Veteran serve to protect us all, so we believe at LARC they should both be given a chance to heal.

There have been studies written on trauma in elephants, trauma in chimps, trauma in Veterans. In all these mammals, trauma manifests itself in similar ways. So we know that a similar trauma suffered by a similar sentient being can often be manifested in exactly the same way. Here at LARC we have seen over the years that a wolf who has suffered a physical or emotional scar selects a Veteran with a similar trauma. Over the years we have seen that when the wolf and the Veteran walk side-by-side, there is an unspoken, non-verbal communication that blossoms. This human-animal bond often serves as the catalyst in the Veteran’s reintroduction into society.

And Now Meet the Warriors!


Tyler served in the Gulf War from 1992 through 1996. He was attached to the 24th infantry.Ty is currently being treated at the West Los Angeles VA for PTSD. As part of this therapy he is working with the wolfdogs at the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center. Ty is a somewhat quiet guy who has started to come out of his shell and loves working with the wolfdogs.


Lilly is a coast guard veteran and one of the first search and rescue personnel dispatched to Alaska. Lilly was involved in rescues of both civilian and military personnel during her service. She is also currently enrolled in the PTSD at the VA Medical Center. She came to us as a volunteer and is now not only managing Serenity Park in Los Angeles but also working with the wolves as part of the “Warriors and Wolves” program in Ventura.

Jeremy Stanford

Army Veteran 2006-2009 Iraq for 15months. Jeremy is one of the newest members of the Warriors and Wolves Team. He got a chance to split firewood for our upcoming fundraiser and was introduced to Wiley while working. Jeremy will get his first tour wth the woldogs this week and we can’t wait to team him up with Samson (a young upstart at the LARC facility).

Troy Freeman

Army Veteran 1973-76 plus 8yrs reserve. Troy has been working with the wolves since 2011. He was vital in the construction of the new enclosures at LARC for the big alaska rescue. Troy has also helped with socialization and feeding of all the wolfdogs and his ability to customize their environments has been crucial to their successful adjustment.

Victor Smith

Army Veteran 1980-83. Victor has been working at Serenity Park in Los Angeles for four months. Victor has also started a dog walking service in West Los Angeles. His affinity for animals makes him an exceptional warrior in the “Warrior and Wolves” program. Victor helped with construction and cares for the animals on a daily basis.

Richard Mitchel

Marine Corps Veteran 1990-93 + 4yrs reserve and 3yrs 3rd service support. Richard recently started working for LARC. As time progresses well see where he fits in on the LARC team. His passion and dedication to his duties is remarkable. Its like they say once a marine always a marine.


Desmond Rice

Army Veteran 82nd Airborne 1984-86. Desmond served with wings on his shoulder and seems to fly throught his duties. Currently assisting with the firewood project and the animals at Serenity Park. We hope to move him to LARC this month. His promtptness and dedication are what we have grown to expect from a Ranger.

Stanley McDonald

US Navy Veteran, 12yrs 1982-94 Combat Veteran. Stanley McDonald a graduate of Serenity Park, part-time volunteer at LARC, and a full-time foreman for L & M Construction is always willing to help out a veteran and care for the animals at both non-profits. Stanley is always on time and willing to go on a rescue anywhere in the United States. Stanley has traveled 23 states rescuing animals and supporting the efforts of both LARC and Serenity Park.

Mike Tucker

Navy Veteran. Mike served both here and abroad. Mike has suffered from PTSD and despression and is currently enrolled in a residential treatment facility while also working at the Serenity Park in Los Angeles caring for the parrots.


Marine Corps Veteran. Roy served as a security guard on a submarine base and in the infantry during his 4 years service. He brings expertise in many administrative tasks that are necessary for LARC to continue it’s mission and achieve it’s goals.

Matt Simmons

A Navy Veteran