About the Animals We Rescue

Wolves and Wolfdogs

willow, wolves.jpg

Wolves and wolfdogs are given a death sentence from the day of conception. It is simple: if you are a wild wolf and you cross an imaginary boundary outside of a National Park or wander onto private land, you can be shot, trapped, and killed. If you are a high-content wolfdog born into domestic life, as soon as you jump out of your yard or escape your enclosure, you can be captured and destroyed at the shelter which cannot adopt out wolfdogs. Fortunately, many shelter staff will reach out to wolfdog sanctuaries located around the country and a national wolf rescue web service asking them to rescue the animal before s/he is put to sleep.  LARC has taken in many of these animals who people thought would make good pets, but didn’t take into account that they can jump or climb a ten-foot fence and dig six feet in the ground overnight.  LARC offers a safe forever home, and we spay, neuter, and microchip all of our sanctuary residents.



Parrots are highly intelligent, social birds. Most people don’t realize the enormity  of the commitment that they are taking on when they purchase these beautiful animals as “pets.” Parrots can live 60-80 years and often outlive their human companions.  They are accustomed to flying free with a flock and when left alone in a small cage they can become frustrated and depressed, plucking out their feathers and screaming at all hours of the day. Even people with the best of intentions find keeping parrots difficult, which is why so many parrots go through a revolving door of homes or get relegated to basements, garages and tool sheds.  For a highly intelligent and social animal this solitary confinement is akin to torture and often lasts for decades.



LARC rescues horses used for by the pharmaceutical industry for the making of Premarin (literally Pregnant Mare Urine), a female hormone replacement medication that research has shown can be unhealthy not just for the horses but for the women who take it as well.  Horses used for making Premarin live on assembly lines where the females are catheterized to collect their urine (used for the making of the medication) and they are kept perpetually pregnant.  The female offspring are destined for the same fate and the male foals are sold for human consumption overseas. LARC offers a forever home at our sanctuary, huge outdoor pastures, and the comfort of a herd for these rescued horses.