FREQUENTLY asked questions

Why is LARC not open to the public?

LARC discourages putting animals on display, and out of respect for the animals, many of whom suffered at the hands of humans, we at LARC agree with that position.  Our large habitats for the wolves and wolfdogs allow them places where they can hide away when their enclosures are cleaned if they do not want human company.  We never force them to be around people.  In addition, out of respect for our neighbors and our veterans we want to preserve their privacy and the sanctity of this environment. 

How can Veterans get involved?

Although LARC is not open to the public we do employ veterans and also offer veterans the opportunity to volunteer during Veteran Volunteer Days.  We ask that any veteran interested in working or volunteering with LARC, the Wolves and Warriors program, or Operation WolfGuard provide the following:

  1. A letter of interest via email or snail mail with a scanned attachment or copy of their DD-214 (do NOT send originals).  

  2. Two letters of recommendation 

Please submit these documents via email, all attachments PDF format ONLY, to:

Or mail these documents to:
PO Box 1510
Frazier Park, CA  93225

We will arrange for a phone interview to start and within 1-2 months there will be a second face to face interview.   This is not a fast process so we ask for your patience and understanding that we can only hire a few veterans each year.   This is a drug and alcohol-free environment.


What are the best ways to help LARC?

Please visit our How You Can Help page

Why shouldn’t I buy a wolfdog/hybrid?

One of an increasing number of “trophy pets” or “designer dogs” - wolfdogs face a dilemma……am I a wolf or am I a dog?  The majority of the wolfdogs rescued into sanctuaries are failed human-wolfdog interactions. Owning a part-wild animal may seem cute and cuddly at first but it does not always remain that way.  Breeders may promise you an animal who looks like a wolf and acts like a dog but there is never a guarantee of that.

Please see this related article:

What do I do with a wolfdog I need to relinquish?

Refer to our contact page and

Remember to contact the breeders where you got your wolfdog and let them know that this is yet one more failed human-wolfdog relationship and that they should reconsider breeding any future wolfdog.


How do you feed all of those animals without killing other animals?

Refer to our Environmental Impact page.


How do I leave LARC in my trust or will?

Thank you so much for thinking ahead about leaving a legacy.  Planned Giving is a very important aspect of LARC’s long term ability to run our sanctuary and do the work we do to save animals. Find detailed information about legacy gifts on our How You Can Help page.


Other Questions? Please submit via our Contact Us page…and give us sometime to get back to you as we may be out on a rescue.

Thank you!