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The sanctuary at the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center is NOT open to the general public for tours or visits, for the safety of the animals in our care as well as to respect their privacy, that of our veterans, as well as that of our neighbors.  For information on ways you can support our animals and veterans, click here.

LARC gets many requests and unfortunately we cannot respond to all of them. We do work with a network of other sanctuaries which you may contact.

The wonderful people at W.O.L.F. Sanctuary in Colorado who themselves offer lifetime sanctuary to wolves and wolfdogs have created an excellent network of rescue organizations and wolfdog sanctuaries across the country. For wolf and wolfdog rescue, you may contact and provide them with as much information about the animal that needs rescuing including good face and body photos.

For parrot rescue please submit photos, reason for relinquishment and all relevant behavior traits to

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