NEWARC is LARC’s east coast sister sanctuary for wolves and wolfdogs. It was founded in 2013 when LARC was asked by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) to rescue 84 wolves, wolfdogs and dogs from two facilities in immediate danger of closing in New Hampshire. 

New Hampshire law requires that any animal designated as having wolf content cannot be adopted out and thus must be euthanized. To protect these animals, our team of veterans repaired and redesigned one of the sanctuaries that was closing its doors and gave it a new name - NEWARC.

Those animals deemed to be pure dogs were adopted with the help of no kill shelters and the ASPCA. The rest were housed in upgraded enclosures at NEWARC.  Many of the animals were elderly.

As the population of animals were slowly getting age-related conditions like arthritis it made it harder for them to stand the New England winters.  In December 2016, after much deliberation and at the recommendation of our veterinarians, we decided to bring the elderly NEWARC wolves/wolfdogs and their packs back to LARC in California. This is very good news for the older animals who will not have to deal with months-long winters of below freezing temperatures.  And while wolves in the wild can handle harsh conditions, wolfdogs do not do as well when they are getting up there in age.  LARC is thrilled to serve these NEWARC brethren at its California sanctuary.

There are not currently any animals at NEWARC. We will resume sanctuary activities once we build indoor enclosures for the harsh winter climate.

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